Masters degree at Women's University

    • Masters degree at Women's University

      ALMATY. June 14. Press center – Kazakh National Women's Teacher Training University trains specialists in 25 master's degree programs.

      If you want to be master in any of the 25 educational programs that meet the requirements of the global job market...

      You want to grow scientifically...

      If you want to have a scientific internship in the fundamental universities of foreign countries under the program of master degree education…

      If you want to successfully, get a job and have a high career...

      Enter the master's program at Kazakh National Women's Teacher Training University!


      Master's degree programs:

      7M01101 – Pedagogy and Psychology

      7M01102 – Pedagogical measurements

      7M01103 – Leadership in Education

      7M01201 – Preschool education and upbringing

      7M01902 – Special Pedagogy

      7M03102 – Psychology

      7M01701 – Kazakh language and literature

      7М01702 – Kazakh language and literature in non-Kazakh language schools

      7М02301 – Philology

      7M01703 – Russian language and literature

      7M01704 – Russian language and literature at schools with non-Kazakh language of teaching

      7M01505 – Biology

      7M01504 – Chemistry

      7M05302 – Chemistry

      7M01506 – Geography

      7M01501 – Mathematics.

      7M01502 – Physics

      7M01503 – Informatics

      7M05301 – Physics

      7M06102 – Information Systems

      7M03101 – Sociology

      7M01705 – Foreign language: two foreign languages

      7M02201 – History

      7M01402 – Professional training

      7M01401 – Music.

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