Projects of the Center

    • «Ustaz dauysy» project

      The Ustaz Dauysy project is part of task for the formation and promotion of the personnel reserve of women top managers in the field of education. The aim is professionalizing the education system through the transfer of knowledge from broad-profile professionals to beginning career teachers.

      Industry experts will transfer knowledge, share professional and life experience and accompany in the implementation of initiatives in the following areas: ICT, STEM, coaching, creative economics, finance, innovation, EdTech, entrepreneurship and others.

      As a result of the mentorship, the program participants should present an individual project aimed at providing a positive effect for the development of education in the regions and for the whole society in the format of open lectures, research, contact hours with school students, as well as a transitional mentoring format at the discretion of the candidate himself.


      «Management in Education» course

      The project «Ustaz dauysy» will also implement the course «Management in Education» for the management of pre-school and secondary educational institutions, TVET institutions, universities and other educational organizations.

      Expected result: mastery of knowledge and practical skills, hard & soft skills competencies, basic leadership skills for transition and success as a leader in a team or organization.


      SANA Project

      The Center for Women's Leadership and Entrepreneurship has developed the «SANA» tutoring project, which will be aimed at forming a tutoring base among female students at the University.

      The goal of the project: to help students in schools and other educational institutions to clarify the topics that cause difficulties in the educational process.

      This direction will significantly help students to eliminate gaps in knowledge with the subsequent improvement of grades in the subjects.

      Based on the selection results, university students will gain experience as tutors with subsequent receipt of letters of recommendation from supervisors.